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Cloud photo frame usage environment
1. Power-on status
After booting, you can see the function interface customized by the manufacturer.
2. Internet connection (wired or wireless)
Only by connecting to the Internet can you enjoy wonderful and unlimited cloud services.
3. Cloud server or other network space, etc.
The user has an account, enters and logs in the cloud photo frame, and after the server is verified and passed, the connection can be completed.
Four cores of cloud photo frame
Instant photo sharing

Users can upload photos to cloud servers, microblogs, blogs, etc. through mobile phones, computers, etc., and display them instantly in the cloud photo frame at home no matter when and where they are. The instant sharing function makes the distance between family members, lovers and friends no longer exist.
Watch the latest information in real time
In the cloud photo frame, by setting up the hotspot information website that customers like, click on the information function, the hotspot information in every corner of the world can be displayed one by one, and updated in real time, allowing users to stay at home. Know the world events.

online movies
Online video services are more and more popular among the public. It is not only convenient and fast, but also more and more colorful in content. In the final analysis, online video is also a manifestation of cloud services. Adding online video functions to cloud photo frames, as long as With a single click of the function button, you can start enjoying a visual feast. Compared with the computer, the performance of the cloud photo frame is faster, and the video response speed is not inferior to any other device.

The value of cloud photo frames
1. Close the distance between children and parents
Children study or work outside the home and cannot meet their parents every day. This situation has become the norm in today’s society. At the two ends of this miss, a cloud photo frame is equipped. Parents and children use the mobile phone camera function to record their appearance and life situation in daily life, and post them to their own Weibo, which can be displayed on the other end. There is no online video. The harsh requirements of dialogue, anytime, anywhere, send the scenery and mood to your loved ones through photos, cloud service is the link to transmit this memory, and the photo frame is the window to transmit this memory, so that the family will not be alienated because of distance.
2. Always pass on the thoughts of your lover
Young people go to work and start a business, but at the same time, they can’t let go of their love for their loved ones. They put a cloud photo frame on their desks, and use photos and text messages to convey their thoughts to each other.
3. Follow friends information
In addition to paying attention to parents and lovers, the news of friends is naturally indispensable, and the operation is also very convenient. As long as you add your friend’s cloud service account or Weibo nickname to the watch list, then Ta’s news will appear on your own. Cloud photo frame.
4. The internal information of the enterprise is communicated in a timely manner
Enterprises can publish the latest event information, publicity posters, etc. on designated Weibo, and their local stores, franchise stores, terminal points, etc. can understand the company’s first-hand information through the “online album” of the cloud photo frame, forming the company and each store/ The information synchronization of terminal points greatly saves time cost, communication cost and material production cost. Applicable industries: clothing brand stores, cosmetics stores, national chain fast food restaurants, etc.
5. Point-to-point service between enterprises and customers
Enterprises can use the post-customization 2.0 function of the cloud photo frame to carry out point-to-point information communication and professional services for high-end and high-quality customers, so that the effective arrival rate of activities can be improved, service positioning is more accurate, and publicity costs are also saved. Applicable industries: Banks and other financial services.

There have youtube video show :how to use phone app to share picture and video to digital wifi frame =


Post time: Apr-27-2022